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Clocak Review – Why Clocak Doesn’t Deliver on Its Promise?

If you are looking for a place to shop online, you may have heard about Clocak.com. This website is a large retail site with a variety of products. However, the company does not provide much information about their products or the company itself. If you are interested in buying products from Clocak, you may want to read our review of this website. We look at how they handle returns and refunds.

Poor customer support

A company that supposedly focuses on providing superior customer service fails to deliver on this promise. Customers are accustomed to receiving excellent customer service. If the company is unable to meet these expectations, customers will quickly voice their complaints on social media. Unfortunately, poor customer service at clocak.com is the result of a number of factors. Read on to discover some of the reasons why poor customer support at clocak.com is so frustrating.

Providing a poor level of customer service can lead to lost customers and lowered profits. In fact, according to Microsoft’s State of the Global Customer Service survey, 61% of consumers had switched brands because of poor customer service. This is significant because a poor customer experience can cost businesses millions of dollars. Another study shows that the cost of poor customer service is around $75 billion a year. If you are a company that relies on customer support to deliver exceptional customer service, you need to make sure that your staff understands this cost and is willing to fix it immediately.



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