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ChatPic Has Some Problems You Should Know About

ChatPic is a jailbreak tweak that places a photo of your contact beside each incoming chat bubble. It is similar to many other apps that do the same thing. However, it has some problems you should know about. The first problem is compatibility. Not all jailbreak tweaks work with chatpic.

Problems with chatpic

Chatpic is a picture sharing site that turns the chatroom concept on its head. Its design allows users to post anonymously and content expires within a few hours. The fact that the service is anonymous is a good thing; this shows that chatrooms still have life after all.

Chat Pic is a simple site that has a smooth navigation. This allows members of the community to travel quickly through every segment. The site also has a real-time feature that allows users to upload materials instantly. While other porn sites require users to wait for their materials to load, Chat Pic allows this to happen immediately. This allows the site to maintain a clean look throughout the site.

Besides chatting, Chatpic also has other features like channels and categories. For example, there is a game hub section, where you can play chat-based games. You can create your own rooms, browse the different categories, and browse different channels. You can start with the ‘for all’ category to see the different types of rooms that you can join. You can also browse different categories, such as ‘for adults’ to find NSFW chatrooms.

Compatible with third-party SMS apps

While ChatPic is compatible with the default Apple Messages app, third-party SMS apps can enhance the functionality of the app. Two of these apps are BiteSMS and iRealSMS, which you can download from Cydia. However, you must jailbreak your device first. In addition, these apps don’t add any new settings or home screen icons. They only add functionality to text messaging and MMS messages.

Compatibility with jailbreak tweaks

The latest version of iOS adds the feature of adding a contact photo to text messages. This makes chats more personalized and easier to follow. However, before you can download ChatPic, you must jailbreak your iPhone. To jailbreak your iPhone, visit Cydia and search for ChatPic in the Applications section.

Alternatively, you can use the Electra 1131 jailbreak, which offers the advantage of not having to worry about Cydia compatibility. The Electra 1131 jailbreak developers maintain a list of compatible tweaks. While this list is not as comprehensive as ours, it can still prove helpful.



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