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Carolyn Hax on Love, Dating, and Relationships

Carolyn Hanley Hax is an American writer who works for The Washington Post. She writes a daily advice column centered on relationships. While her original target audience was millennial women, the column has grown and expanded over the years to include a wide range of readers. Read on for some of Hax’s advice on love, dating, and relationships.

Tell me about it

Carolyn Hax was born in Connecticut and raised in Trumbull. She went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard University. After graduating, she worked as an Associate Editor for the Army Times and as a Copy Editor for The Washington Post. Her first book, Tell Me About It, was published in 2001. A short essay she wrote for Mommy Wars was also included.

Hax’s column is syndicated and aimed at a younger audience. It features topics about love, relationships, and families. The column has garnered national attention. Despite its age group, readers of all ages can find something in her columns. You can even see cartoons drawn by her ex-husband, Nick Galifianakis.


Carolyn Hax is an American writer who currently writes for The Washington Post. She has an advice column on relationships that was originally aimed at younger readers, but has since grown to include readers of all ages. Her column is titled “Couples Advice” and is considered to be one of the most read in the newspaper.

Hax has three children with her husband, Ken Ackerman. They were childhood friends. They were married in 1997. Hax moved to Washington, D.C., after receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard University. She subsequently worked as an associate editor for Army Times and the Washington Post. She then went on to publish her first book, Tell Me About It, in 2001. She has also been featured in Mommy Wars.

The columnist lost her mother to ALS in 2002. She later divorced her husband, Nick Galifianakis, and remarried a childhood friend. The couple has three teenage sons. In a recent interview with Insider magazine, Hax answered reader questions about her life.

Carolyn Hax is the author of many books, and is a columnist at The Washington Post. She is well known for her advice column on relationships. While it originally targeted a younger audience, her advice columns have expanded to cover people of all ages.


Carolyn Hax has had a successful career as a columnist at the Washington Post. Originally, her column targeted an audience of young readers, but over the years it has expanded to include all age groups. The column also features cartoons created by her ex-husband Nick Galifianakis.

Divorce from Nick Galifianakis

A couple who became famous in their early 30s for their syndicated relationship advice column, Carolyn Hax and Nick Galifianakis, have a very interesting story. Hax met Nick when they were both teenagers, and they married when they were only 27. The two split in 2002, and now have a successful web chat show, Carolyn Hax Live.

During their eight-year marriage, the couple separated. After the separation, she continued to work with Nick on her advice column. She still works with the comedian on her advice column, but it’s no longer for her husband. The two continue to collaborate on the column, which aims to help couples remain happy and together. She also writes for the Washington Post, and makes a decent salary as a writer.

Hax’s column is syndicated to 200 newspapers, and initially targeted younger readers. Eventually, the column expanded to include older readers. The ex-husband’s cartoons were featured in her column. They also host a web chat every Friday on her paper’s website.

Hax is a native of Connecticut. She was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut and raised in Trumbull. Her father was a retired research director for Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation. She married Nick Galifianakis in 1994. Now, she writes for The Army Times and The Washington Post, and she also offers live chats where she answers readers’ questions.

Loss of her mother to ALS

It has been more than eight years since Carolyn Hax’s mother died from ALS. Since then, she has been divorced, remarried, and has three teenage sons. While she’s often on the advice beat, her personal life is rarely discussed. In 2001, after her seven-year marriage to actor Nick Galafianakis ended, she moved back to Connecticut to care for her terminally ill mother with ALS. In 2002, her mother passed away.

Since then, Hax has become a respected advice columnist with a devoted following, but her personal life has been more complicated. While her column has expanded to include a wide range of readers, she’s always insisted on her core values. This is apparent in her recent announcement of her divorce.

Relationship with Kenny Ackerman

Kenny Ackerman, an educator from New Haven, Connecticut, and Carolyn Hax have been friends since childhood. They are now parents to three boys and recently moved to the Washington, D.C. area. Ackerman’s ex-husband Nick Galifianakis draws the cartoons that accompany Hax’s columns. Despite the scandal, Hax and Ackerman maintain a good relationship.

Hax has a successful web chat show, Carolyn Hax Live. It has been running since 2003 and has become almost as popular as her newspaper column. Hax met her husband, Nick Galifianakis, before 1997. They were married when Hax was 27, but separated in 2002. They have three children and a companion dog.

Hax began her column in 1997 and has since expanded to more newspapers. Her column was originally targeted at younger readers, but she now appeals to a much larger audience. She also includes cartoons by her ex-husband Nick Galifianakis, which is aimed at younger readers. She also hosts a web chat every Friday called Carolyn Hax Live, which is hosted on her newspaper’s website.

Hax has always been a problem-solver. Her advice columns take complex issues and dissect them with logic and dispassion. Emotions can cloud even the most logically sound issues. Hax has previously been concerned that she was steering readers in the wrong direction, but she now writes to guide readers and help them probe issues from all angles.



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