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Babolat Tennis Racquets

Did you know that Babolat is a leading manufacturer of tennis racquets? If you’re interested in finding out more about the company’s technology, ambassadors, and racquets, this article is for you. Read on to learn more about this Swiss company and its products. You can also subscribe to D&B Hoovers for access to this company’s contact information and sales data. Here’s how to access their information.


Babolat is a family-owned business with roots in 1875. It made racquet strings with natural gut, a revolutionary process that helped produce some of the most influential tennis players. It also became a five-generation family business. The company expanded to other sports including squash, badminton, and tennis. Its VS Natural Gut string, which took the game of tennis to a new level, was introduced in 1925.

The company aims to create innovative sports equipment. Founded in 1875, Babolat has signed players such as Moya, Corretja, and Roddick. The company is also committed to providing quality product information, and it has set up a complementary sales model of direct to consumer (D2C).

The company has continuously improved its technology and products, and in 2007 introduced a new string that uses FSI technology. Its VS head provides improved hand feel and allows players to control their shots. The Pure Drive also has more weight than the Pure Aero, allowing players to control its aggressiveness and baseline power. It’s a versatile racquet that provides exceptional playability. If you’re looking to purchase a new racquet, Babolat offers a variety of options to fit your budget and your game style.

Babolat began as a string-making company in 1875. The company then moved on to producing tennis gear. Its focus expanded to other sports, such as badminton. Since 1994, Babolat has ceased manufacturing racquet strings using natural gut, and has instead focused on manufacturing everything from racquets to clothing. Its acclaimed products have proven themselves to be incredibly consistent. Today, more than 20% of the world’s top players use Babolat tennis racquets.

Babolat racquets

If you want to make the most of your game, you should consider purchasing one of the many Babolat racquets. These sports equipment are made for players of all levels and can provide power, spin, and control. Babolat racquets fall into three families. Read on to learn about the benefits of each family, and which one you should buy. For more information, visit the Babolat website.

Babolat’s Pure Drive series is the best overall serve on the market. It’s easy to hit the ball from anywhere on the court, and its high-velocity technology allows players to send the ball to the net at incredible speeds. This makes a first serve a powerful weapon in any player’s arsenal. The Pure Drive also gives players plenty of control and kick on their second serves, a crucial element in any match.

The Pure Aero and Pure Drive tennis racquets are designed for the energetic and powerful player. The lively beam construction of these racquets makes it ideal for players who want to dominate the court. The Pure Drive series also has a variety of racquets designed for beginners and intermediate players. This line of racquets is ideal for those just starting to play tennis. You can also find the Pure Drive and Pure Aero in women’s and men’s models. These tennis racquets are made for both male and female players and will provide you with years of use.

If you’re an advanced player, you’ll want a racquet that is less rigid and has a smaller head. Advanced players rely on their skills to hit a ball well and need a lightweight, flexible racquet. The Aero Tour is one of the easiest racquets to swing, but you’ll also find it useful for hitting powerful spin shots. Likewise, the Pure Strike VS Tour is the heaviest of the Strike family and has elite spin control.

Babolat technology

Known for its superior grip, the Babolat Technical Veron features the Carbon Flex technology. This material is an excellent combination of glass and carbon fibres and delivers dynamic power to the ball. Its carbon fiber surface helps you close points and control the padel. It also features the SMAC technology, which helps absorb maximum vibration. The Black Eva core adds strength to the Babolat Technical Veron padel. It has a firm feel and is made with an extra layer of elastomer to cushion the ball and reduce injuries.

The WOOFER uses more strings when hitting the ball, which increases the sweetspot size and enhances forgivingness during off-center shots. The strings also absorb more shock when the ball hits the string. The WOOFER’s piston function increases surface deformation during impact, giving you 10% more power than the average racket. The pistons act like a suspension system, preventing unwanted vibrations and enhancing comfort. The deeper string channels also help reduce impact vibrations and improve the ball’s dwell time.

The Pure Aero racquet is designed to meet the expectations of a professional player, including Rafael Nadal. It delivers power and excellent spin for a pro’s game. This racket is an exceptional choice for tennis players who wish to improve their game. The Aeroprodrive racket’s unique aerodynamic cross section also contributes to its superior performance. The Pure Aero racquet is available for purchase at the Babolat store.

The Pure Aero line from Babolat includes the AeroModular technology. The AeroModular 3 incorporates bumpers and grommets to increase racquet head speed and spin. The Pure Drive Play tennis racquet also features sensors, gyroscopes, and a microprocessor. The app collects data about your performance and uploads it to an iOS or Android phone or tablet. This data allows you to monitor your progress and improve your game.

Babolat ambassadors

The goal of becoming a Babolat ambassador is to gain recognition and funding for a sport. The company seeks young athletes to represent their brand, as player ranking is only one aspect of obtaining funding for junior tennis players. Junior tennis players must also develop a relationship with the parent company. Teamwork is key to obtaining sponsorship. Ambassadors are typically aged between 12 and 35, with some as young as nine years old.

Rafael Nadal, who is a long-time brand ambassador for Babolat, recently announced he would no longer be an ambassador. The French company will now partner with Wilson Sporting Goods to provide the official balls and strings for the upcoming French Open grand slam. Nadal is a Babolat ambassador since 2007.

Babolat innovation

The company has been focusing on aerodynamic advantages for some time, and their latest innovation is the Aero Pro Racquet, which has a unique racquet boom shaped like a wing, which reduces drag and enhances speed and maneuverability. The Aero racquets also feature different tubing to maximize their performance. Aero Modular 2 is the second iteration of this racquet and features a more wing-like design, which increases dwell time and energy return.

The company is constantly innovating, and recently launched the Prime Lite Badminton Schlager, with its Shot Optimizer technology. This racquet increases resistance to shots and provides improved grip and ball contact. Babolat also launched the new 20×21 Saitenbett, which is a better alternative to conventional wood, while the 21 Quersaiten offers more spin and resistance. Smashinn, which sells Babolat products, is a great place to start shopping for these racquets. Its selection of products is prioritized based on customer needs.

The company is one of the oldest in the racket sports industry, founded in 1875. The company’s first breakthrough was the use of natural gut in racquet string, and the company’s innovation continues today with a variety of racquets and accessories. Since then, it has become a global household name and is a respected leader in racket sports equipment. The XFEEL badminton racket line was released in 2008, and is intended for professional players.

The latest technology is a game-changing step forward for the Babolat brand. Cortex, which has a dual-stirring system, is now placed inside the shaft, with oblong grommets at the 6 and 12 o’clock position. This feature increases impact vibration absorption and provides a more direct feel and sound. Babolat is partnering with SMAC to make this breakthrough in tennis equipment.



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