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Are There Bonuses In 3 Reel Slot Games?

3 reel slots are among the most popular slots in the casino world. They are the ones capable of competing with the 5 reel ones at all land-based and online pay by phone casinos.

Normally, 3 reel slots are fruit slots and come with pay lines ranging from 1 to 5. They typically do not have any special symbols but there are some bonus features and uncommon combinations.

Specific Features of 3 Reel Slots:

●      3 reel slots have fewer themes as compared to 5 reels slots, and the most popular genres amongst them are classics and fruits.

●       3 reel slots feature 1, 3 or 5 pay lines. The significance of pay lines is such that the number of pay lines increases or decreases the probability of landing a winning combo. The more the number of pay lines, the more wins you land.

●       3 reel slots do not feature bonus options like free spins, special symbols or bonus games; however, the most attractive option they feature is the risk game. Some other 3 reel slots also feature the progressive jackpot.

However, the list of options doesn’t end here. There are also other options that 3 reel slots feature.

  1. The hold option: where you can hold one or two reels until the net spin to increase your probability of landing a winning combination. Some of the 3 reel slots block the reels as soon as two identical symbols land on the pay line.
  2. The nudge option: some 3 reel slots will allow you to nudge or push the reel one field up or down to complete the winning combination on the game screen.
  3. Producing combos from different symbols of one category: a grouping of different bar symbols can qualify you for a winning combination or a reward. Usually, bar symbols consist of single, double or triple blocks.
  4. Qualifying for a reward even if one of the symbols lands on the pay lines: 3 reel slots allow you to earn a reward as soon as even one cherry lands on the reels.

Final Word

3 reel slots don’t feature bonuses but they are successfully competing with the modern-day slots. The opinion that all 3 reel slots are the same is no more than an allegation as they often use a variation in themes and features. Players are also attracted to their higher payouts.

Since 3 reel slots are characterized by their high variance, their winning combinations are not frequent but the payouts are higher, exceeding the bet per spin. This is what makes 3 reel slots very popular among casino lovers worldwide.



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