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Alternatives to xResolver for Obtaining IP by Gamertags

In some cases, knowing your opponent is all that is required to dominate a match as a gamer. Furthermore, there is no better way to accomplish this than with the assistance of online tools such as xResolver. This Xbox IP grabber uses a high-level calculation to collect information about a player’s IP address, username, geolocation, city, and ISP.

What Exactly Is XResolver?

xResolver is a website that is actually a data set with a high level calculation that parses or logs a player’s Gamertags and IP addresses. Any time they play on Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony’s Playstation, or PC player.

Microsoft Xbox Resolver

Xbox Resolver is a web-based tool that distinguishes a player’s IP address from their Xbox game code or Gamertag. As an IP sniffer device, Xbox Resolver enables gamers to gather information about their opponents and use it to their advantage during ongoing interaction. If you’re looking for the best Xbox IP resolver for individual organisation checking and parcel distinguishing proof, this is a fantastic option to think about.

It employs advanced calculations to gather information about a player’s IP, username, geolocation, and other nuances. It’s also worth noting that, like xResolver, this Xbox IP Grabber supports dual organisations. Wi-Fi and path 6-consequently considering secure convention following..

Spear PCPS Remastered

If you’re looking for an Xbox IP grabber similar to xResolver, take a look at Lanc Remastered PCPS. The application designes to block and retrieve IP addresses from Xbox Live, Playstation, and PC, among other gaming consoles.

The bundle examination and checking device effectively resolves Gamertags to IPs. The offers the benefit of continuous delivery refreshes, making it a truly consistent and solid IP grabber.

xResolver Gametag

xResolver is an IP grabber that collects IP addresses and Gamertags. From people who use PC, Xbox, and PlayStation to play online games. Is it legal to collect the IP addresses of various clients? It uses a large number of bots to scour the web for that information.

If you have been the victim of a DDoS attack, you may have to pay xResolver to remove your name from their site. Clients with sick expectations use IP addresses to prevent other players from accessing a game. Although paying xResolver is legal. It leaves a bad taste in some players’ mouths because none of it is their fault.

How to Use xResolver: Step-by-Step Instructions

Stage 1: Understand Your Opponent’s Gamertag

This is a genuinely simple task because all you need to do is observe the client you require in your Xbox. When you click on their data, the Gamertag nuances reveales. Duplicate the ID that is currently visible in there.

Stage two: Navigate to the xResolver website.

Navigate to the xResolver website and scroll down to the structure that requests the Gamertag IP. Glue it in place, then click resolve. You can also use an IP address to identify the Gamertag.

Stage 3 of the xResolver Homepage: Obtain the IP Address

When you click Resolve, the site searches its database for the IP address. It is not always possible to obtain it in this manner.


This IP sniffer is highly rated on numerous websites, indicating that it is doing something special. It has been around for a long time and can thus be trusted. It has protected many from DDoS attacks by blocking their IPs. Programmers, too, have a fair share of the pie. Boycotting will cost you $30, but it isn’t the best strategy because you might get caught again.


Bootyou is yet another Resolver that provides PSN and Skype Resolvers, Geo Location Lookup, IP Pinger and Domain, and much more. The site is secure because it uses HTTPS with hashed data sets. It accepts crypto as well as other traditional payment methods.

According to reviews, it is among the least expensive on the market and is highly regarded. Bootyou is guaranteed to receive more than 2,000 visitors on a regular basis. It has a responsive customer service team that can reach in a variety of ways, including Skype, Email, Live Chat, and the list goes on.

Why you should protect your IP address

Your IP address can reveal your overall location to programmers (typically by city and country) and exposes your entire organisation to DDoS attacks.

Assume you’re seriously gaming on the internet. A programmer player may disapprove of your actions and choose to obtain your public IP address using a tool such as OctoSniff. They then use this information to flood your IP address with useless correspondence traffic. Briefly shutting down your web and kicking you out of the game.

Isn’t it a bummer? It also happens, tragically.

However, as long as you protect your IP address and learn how to stay safe on the internet, you should be fine.

Is it necessary for me to pay to have my IP address blacklisted?

Destinations like xResolver promise to provide a top-notch administration where players can ‘boycott’ their gamertags and remove them from their public IP address logs – however, this is a not-so-subtle attempt to get gamers to pay money in vain.

Data scratched by xResolver is publicly available and typically comes from clients running projects such as OctoSniff. To have your gamertag linked to your IP address on the internet, you must participate in a multiplayer meeting with another client running a scratching programme.

Data is then log and add to data sets such as xResolver.

While having your gamertag associate with your IP address may cause clients to assault or DDoS you during ongoing interaction, this is extremely unlikely and expects you to require for an online, public meeting with programmers.

If your IP address and gamertag discover to be unique, you have options other than paying a programmer.

Do I have to be concerned about programmers when playing online games?

Running into programmers while gaming on the web is an undeniable risk, but it’s not one you should be overly concerned about if you’re cautious on the web.

Most internet games and administrations will have their own lines of defence against programmers, but there are a few things you can do to stay safe on the internet.

Do whatever it takes to avoid playing in open meetings or private meetings with outsiders about whom you have no idea. Try not to click on obscure links provided in visits or private messages. Consider any strange or unwelcome messages to be suspicious.



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