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All You Need to Know About Dark Mode

Dark Mode is used to display mostly darker surfaces on the user interface. This mode diminishes the light that the screen emits and is appropriate for the OLED (organic light-emitting diode) displays. Despite its darker appearance, the dark mode manages to maintain the colour contrast ratio optimal for readability.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages and drawbacks of dark mode in mobile app development to help you make the right decision – whether you should use it or not. Let’s first understand its benefits.

Why You Must Use Dark Mode in Apps

The first and foremost benefit of dark mode in app design and development is that it enhances visual ergonomics by minimizing eye strain. It provides the comfort of use in dark environments by enabling the screen to adjust based on light conditions. In addition, the dark mode conserves battery consumption, making the device run for longer on a single charge.

Many apps allow users to switch between dark and light modes. Mostly, users switch modes depending on the light conditions in the environment. The growing popularity of dark mode brings amazing aesthetics, making the apps appear unique. The dark modes facilitate the screen to cut down the blue light that disrupts sleep patterns.

The Darker Side of the Dark Mode

If you try to use the dark mode in bright light or forgot to switch modes during the daytime, your eyes can strain excessively. It can cause halation for users with myopia as it makes the text less readable. In addition, the dark mode in UI design can make it difficult to focus on the screen and you may end up struggling with reading disruptions.

If you have a smartphone with an older LCD battery, using dark mode may not help much in lowering the use of the battery. You need an OLED display for the dark mode to work appropriately and this may add to the cost. Additionally, you may find it difficult to read the text in a well-lit room or even on a sunny day if the dark mode is enabled.


To sum up, it can be said that the opinions on the dark mode remain split. Since the dark mode is considered a trendy aspect of mobile app development, it will continue to rule the design arena in the upcoming years.

So, in the end, the decision on whether or not to select the dark mode depends upon personal preferences. While many users feel it comfortable to use dark mode in dim light conditions others find it simply annoying.

Hiring a professional UI UX consulting company can be a potential way to make the right decision on picking up the latest design trends for app UI.



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