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Albert Omstead – A Real Charmer!

Albert Omstead is a very talented musician and a very good technician. He worked in the entertainment industry and loved his family. A real charmer!

A real charmer

It’s not often that we are able to learn about a man who has a knack for the baffling, but Albert Omstead was a genuinely good guy. He wore many hats, including one that required a degree in engineering. At the time of his passing in July of 2021, he was 38 years old, married, and a father of five.

Aside from his notable work on the hit series, Omstead also starred in several other lesser known productions. From the aforementioned Cobra Kai, to the Netflix series Baby Driver and Thor: Ragnarok, he also lent his star power to a slew of other shows and films. His philanthropy is not limited to the screen, as he was a devoted family man. One of his favorite pastimes was spending quality time with his wife and stepchildren.

While there are not many formal reports of his contributions to humanity, a quick search on a search engine will yield a wealth of information. As of writing, Omstead was a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, and had a wife and four children.

Talented technician

Albert Omstead is an American technician who worked in the entertainment industry. He contributed to many TV shows and movies. Aside from his professional work, he also made cartoons in his free time.

He started his career as a technician at Comcast. After a few years, he switched to a freelancer position. Then, he joined IATSE Local 479. He served as a lighting and audio production tech. From October 2014, he moved on to become a freelancer.

In addition to his work in the entertainment industry, Albert Omstead also made a name for himself in the film world. One of his most well-known works was in the Netflix series Cobra Kai. This was a comedy-drama hybrid that followed the classic television show, The Karate Kid. Several other movies and television shows that he worked on include Black Lightning, Baby Driver, and Stranger Things.

Although he was only 39 years old, Albert Omstead died under unforeseen circumstances. His death was announced on social media.

Loved his family

Albert Omstead was a talented electrician who worked in the entertainment industry. He was an unusually charismatic man. His love of family was obvious.

Albert was married to Que Omstead. They had one biological child together and four stepchildren. The couple also had eight great-grandchildren. Their daughter Joanne passed away in Norman.

Albert was an avid horticulturist. He also enjoyed photography and whittling. Aside from his work in the entertainment industry, he was a passionate volunteer at Camp Gross in Cassadaga, NY.

Albert also enjoyed cooking Filipino food and juggling soccer balls. He was a member of the Cassadaga Legion Post 1280. He was also a very proud member of the Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church.

Albert Omstead passed away on July 19, 2021, in Atlanta, Georgia. He was 39 years old when he died.

Although he was known for his work on several television shows, his work on Netflix series Cobra Kai is considered the best example of his talents. In fact, the seventh episode of the show dedicated a portion of the episode to the late actor.

Worked in the entertainment industry

In the entertainment industry, Albert Omstead has worked on many shows. He has contributed to the Cobra Kai series, as well as Stranger Things, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Baby Driver. He was an electrician, technician, and cameraman. His talent was put to the test on the show Cobra Kai, which earned him worldwide recognition.

Although he was known as an electrician, Albert also worked as a makeup artist, make-up technician, and crew member. For several years, he worked behind the scenes on various productions.

Albert was born in Augusta, Georgia, USA. He attended Augusta State University and graduated in computer science. After graduating, he began working in the film and entertainment industries. As a cameraman, he has appeared on the series The Walking Dead, Creepshow, and Strange Things.

On July 18, 2021, Albert Olmstead died. The incident occurred when a retaining wall collapsed on him. At the time of his death, he was standing by the wall.

Before his tragic passing, Albert had worked in the film and entertainment industry for seven years. It was during his work on Cobra Kai that he became famous, but he also had a large list of credits.



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