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7 Ways to Spot Fake Leather Jackets:

Fake or faux leather has been sold everywhere at highly reasonable prices. The reason for that is genuine leather is costly, and most people cannot differentiate between the two. Many people prefer genuine leather, but they get tricked into buying a fake one most of the time. 

Some people prefer buying a fake one intentionally, even if they can afford the real deal. This decision is mainly influenced by the high prices of a real leather jacket. Sadly, this is not always the case. People are mostly unaware of what genuine leather looks like. Hence they bring home a fake one. 

So in this blog, we will teach you some straightforward tips that will help you identify genuine leather from fake one to make your purchase easier and quicker.

Tips and Tricks to Spot Fake Leather:

These seven tips and tricks will help you immediately identify a fake leather from a real one. No one can cheat you again, and you can thoroughly choose your favorite leather jacket. 

  1.  Look Out for Texture:

The texture of natural leather is far from being as smooth as it looks in the pictures. Genuine leather looks pretty rough and only slightly smooth, as it is composed of entirely organic products. On the other hand, fake leather would be soft with an almost plastic-like touch to it. 

Another way to identify the texture of faux leather is its asymmetrical pattern since it is chemically synthesized. Natural leather has no such design. When buying a leather jacket, make sure to check the quality first.

  1. The Price Tag Won’t Lie:

This is no secret that genuine leather jackets are insanely expensive. The real deal includes organic products and is made from natural animal skin. The price of an original, custom leather jacket is twice as much as of a fake one. 

A genuine leather jacket is a one-time investment as the product is exceptionally long-lasting and of outstanding quality.

  1. Do the Water Test: 

This is a straightforward yet exciting way to find out whether or not you have a genuine leather jacket:

  • If you’re at the store, ask the shopkeeper to give you a piece of a leather sample of the jacket you want to buy.


  • You can also use your jacket at home and do this easy water trick.
  • Put a drop of water on the leather and wait for it to absorb.
  • After a while, it’ll make a damp spot in the area where the water drop indicates that the leather absorbed the water.

Natural leather contains pores and will absorb water, but a fake one won’t. If your drop of water remains on the leather, you know you have the fake one. Genuine leather is made from animal skin, which naturally has pores. 

These pores allow the leather jackets to become breathable and allows water absorption as well. Your leather jacket should absorb water for it to be qualified as a real one. 

  1. Heavy or Not? 

If you own a leather jacket, you would know how heavy it is to wear or even carry. If your coat feels lighter, it may not be made from genuine leather. This is one of the most apparent indications of an authentic leather jacket. It is warm and durable when you wear it. 

On the contrary, a faux leather jacket doesn’t significantly make you feel warm and is colder than genuine leather. If you are someone who is out to buy their very first leather jacket, this is one of the simplest yet basic steps to consider. A leather jacket made from the skin of cattle is heavier than any other. 

  1. Wear and Tear:

If your leather jacket gets torn, you know you’ve got the real one. Natural leather stretches get dried and even cracked since it needs to be taken care of to last long. Think of it as your skin. When it becomes dry, you apply a cream or moisturizer to make it smooth. Just like your skin, genuine leather jackets also stretch and tear down. 

You have to take care of a genuine leather jacket to make sure it lasts long. A fake leather jacket will never break or stretch since the material isn’t organic. You can identify the quality of a leather jacket when purchasing, but make sure to care for it properly. 

  1. Smell Your Jacket:

As weird as it may sound, it is a pretty handy trick at best. A genuine leather jacket smells organic and mildly pleasant, while a fake one smells of chemicals. If your coat smells plastic-like or unnatural, you have a faux leather jacket. Try this trick when you’re all set to buy a leather jacket, and it’ll help you get a clearer idea about it. 

  1. The Fire Trick: 

This is a highly dangerous trick and should not be tried by anyone other than an adult.  This trick will help identify genuine leather from fake ones as well. 

  • Ask your vendor to provide you with a sample of the same leather used in making the jacket.
  • Take a small piece and burn it carefully with a lighter. If it smells like burnt plastic, you have fake leather in your hand.

This trick is mostly for knowledge and the last option if everything else fails or isn’t clear enough. Do not perform this experiment if you’re not an adult, and even if you are, be extremely careful while performing this experiment. 

Final Thoughts: 

Leather jackets are a once-in-a-lifetime investment for many people since they cost high but stay intact for an extended amount of time. The sellers trick many people into buying a fake leather jacket because of customers being unable to identify genuine leather. 

We hope that the tips and tricks mentioned above help you identify genuine leather and saves you from being conned in your purchase. Get your leather jackets from authentic sellers, and stay knowledgeable to be on the safer side. 



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