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5 Reasons to Upgrade to VPortal LMS

There are a variety of features in VPortal LMS, and administrators can set up an administrator dashboard to control all aspects of the LMS. From here, administrators can assign users, monitor comments, and report on user activity. Learn more about these features in this article. But if you’re considering upgrading your current LMS to VPortal, you may want to consider the following. Among them:

Office 365

If you’re using Microsoft Office 365 in your classroom, you’ve probably heard about VPortal, the online version of the software. This software allows students to customize and launch applications in one central location, and offers online storage. Since school computers no longer support flash drives, students must use Office 365 to work. Students can access applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Note, and more. Instructions for students will be provided throughout the school year.


VPortal is a cloud desktop that gives students access to all their files, apps, and classes from one place. Students access VPortal daily for their Canvas, Makerspace Missions, and grades in Focus. From VPortal, students can choose to install Microsoft Office on their computer or open it online. With this option, students can work on a project and see Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. They can also customize their desktop with pictures.

Once you’ve installed the VPortal, you’ll need to add other online learning tools to it. iReady and Canvas are two examples of online learning tools that can be added to VPortal. There are also plenty of help resources in VPortal. If you need more information, click the magnifying glass or file name to open a PDF document. In addition, you can view helpful videos in the “Want to Learn More?” section.


The V-Person platform delivers end-to-end, seamless customer engagement and helps businesses grow their sales by lowering support costs and improving the customer experience. The platform reduces average handling time and costs by up to 80 per cent, and can even automate customer support processes. The platform’s robust tools, easy integration options, and unlimited customisation allow businesses to design a conversational interface that meets their specific needs.

The powerful features of V-Person include the ability to automate the process of creating, updating, and deleting content from all channels. The platform automatically creates change requests for live chat agents, allowing content consistency across multiple channels. The tight integration between Knowledgebase and V-Portal also enables content consistency. In addition, the V-Person on vportal solution is built on the latest technology to help companies manage their knowledge base.

The V-Person technology leverages powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand the intent of a question and respond accordingly. It deploys intelligent conversational assistants from an integrated multi-channel knowledge management platform, including V-Portal. By automating and personalizing customer communications, V-Person on vportal helps organisations improve their productivity and reduce costs. A successful implementation of V-Person on vportal reduces call deflection by as much as 20-30%.


If you’ve ever wondered how to create a vPortal account, you’ve come to the right place. This service helps you manage your employee data. Whether you’re a new hire, an existing employee, or someone who’s in-between jobs, ePortal can help you create a simple and secure online portal to manage your employees’ data. It’s a great tool that can help you manage your staff’s data and access it whenever you need it.

The Volusia County School District recently announced the launch of VPortal, an online portal that provides parents and students with access to important school information. VPortal offers customizable interfaces and single-user access to school and district information. Parents and students can use the system to connect, find out about school events, and share information. This innovative service makes administration easier and results in increased communication and student access to information.



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