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1090 Jake – A Prisoner With a YouTube Channel

1090 Jake a prisoner with a YouTube channel. Since its launch on May 2, his channel has acquired more than 694k followers. In less than two years, the channel has already earned more than 5 million views. In his videos, the former inmate recounts his experiences while behind bars, from group wars to mistreatment at the hands of jail staff. This is an authentic account of life behind bars.

His Instagram account

A new video from 1090 Jake of End of Sentence focuses on the senseless shooting death of rapper PNB Rock, aka Rakim Hasheem Allen. Born in Malden, Massachusetts, Jake was arrested for carrying a gun in North Tampa, Florida. Initially, he was charged with 19 felonies, including one that could have cost him his life. However, he was later reduced to four felonies and sentenced to 36 months in a Florida state prison.

In his videos, 1090Jake recounts his experiences in prison, where he endured gang wars, gladiator-like violence, and abuse from prison staff. He has captivated the online community with his authentic storytelling approach. His account even features his mugshot, which shows a 7-inch slash on his face.

Before launching his YouTube Channel, 1090 Jake was incarcerated on multiple charges, including armed assault and aggravated assault. While in prison, he was a victim of gang violence and had his head split by a brick in his canteen bag. He was later transferred to an adult prison and earned a high school diploma before being released from jail.

His criminal history

YouTube sensation 1090 Jake was arrested at the age of 18 and incarcerated on 19 felony charges. Despite his past, he has since been released from prison and has amassed more than six hundred thousand subscribers and fifty million YouTube views. 1090 Jake’s revealing videos have helped many people understand what it’s like to be a convicted felon.

After his release, Jake reestablished himself in Boston, but his life was not easy. He struggled to find work and was arrested on multiple occasions. Two years after being released from prison, Jake was arrested again for Armed Assault, this time with intent to rob. He served two and a half years of probation and was finally allowed to start his YouTube channel.

Ten90 Jake maintains an Instagram account and a YouTube channel, and regularly posts pictures and videos of his daughter. Additionally, he has two personal websites and a YouTube channel. These channels are updated daily, and have a significant following. Despite his criminal past, 1090 Jake is still a relatively young man and does not suffer from any physical ailments.

In his YouTube videos, 1090 Jake describes his time in jail and how he dealt with gang wars. His videos also document the abuse he suffered at the hands of corrections officers. While in jail, 1090 Jake was accused of committing 19 felonies, one of which was life-threatening. Eventually, he was sentenced to three years in a Florida state prison. During that time, he also spent time in a juvenile correctional facility and was stabbed during a stay.

Jake McMillan was convicted of four felonies after entering a plea bargain. He served 36 months in Florida State Prison. He spent the first half of that time in youth-offender jails, where he was aged fourteen to twenty-four. During his time in juvenile jail, Jake was stabbed, lacerated, and hit with a brick found in his canteen bag. He was then moved into an adult jail. He only finished high school two weeks before his release.

His net worth

Jake’s net worth is estimated to be over $6 million, based on his YouTube channel. He opened the channel on May 2 and has over 694k subscribers. Since then, his channel has earned over 5 million views. The channel chronicles his experiences in jail, including the group wars he’s been through, staff brutality, and other things that he finds interesting.

1090 Jake was born in Malden, Massachusetts, but grew up in Tampa, Florida. He was arrested at age 19 for carrying a concealed weapon. As a result, he was charged with 19 felonies, one of which carries a life sentence in Florida. Jake was later found guilty of four felonies and served 36 months in prison.

Jake’s social media presence has also helped him build his net worth. His YouTube channel has more than six hundred thousand subscribers, and his channel has received millions in advertising revenue. He also hosts a variety of news segments on his channel. Despite his past, Jake continues to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

During his time in jail, 1090 Jake was arrested for 19 felonies. He spent three years in Florida State Prison and spent two years in a juvenile correctional facility. After his release, he was arrested again in July 2016. This time, he was charged with Armed Assault. It’s unclear whether he’ll ever be released from prison.

Jake was born in Malden, Massachusetts and raised in Tampa, Florida. In 2009, he was arrested for carrying a hidden firearm in the Sulpher Springs neighborhood of North Tampa. After pleading guilty to the crimes, he served 36 months in Florida State Prison. In 2017, he was charged with a total of 19 felonies, including one felony that carried a life sentence.

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