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What Does a Mean Kitchen Upgrade Cost?

Did you recognize that you simply can recoup quite 80% of your costs when remodeling your kitchen? the rise within the value of your home will offset the overwhelming majority of your expenditure.

Of course, you would like the cash to buy the upgrade within the first place.

If you’re brooding about remodeling your kitchen, you’re probably keen to possess a rough idea of the kitchen upgrade cost.

Read on as we break down a number of the cash you’re getting to got to spend.

Design Fees

If you’re getting your kitchen completely redesigned, then you’re getting to got to pay someone to style it for you.

Even just refreshing the cupboards will probably require some sort of design work. Expect to spend around five percent of your budget on these costs.


Every good kitchen needs many storage. Cabinets are one among the foremost important features of your kitchen upgrade, so you don’t want to be skimping here.

You should put aside about 30 percent of your allow good-quality cabinets.


Countertops can really add wow factor to your kitchen. If you would like something that’s getting to last well then expect to spend around 10 percent of your budget on countertops.

Don’t ditch your sink too. For a very stunning look, why not invest during a fireclay sink?


Your kitchen flooring must be hard-wearing but you furthermore may don’t want something that’s too hard to take care of . After all, you’re likely to finish up with some spills within the kitchen.

There’s quite big price range between different flooring options. Hardwood will set you back tons quite vinyl, for instance . As a rule of thumb expect to spend about five to seven percent of your budget on flooring.


If you’re not getting to keep the appliances you have already got , then you’ll also got to think about the value of shopping for new ones.

Once again, there’s an enormous difference in price counting on what sort of appliances you decide for. you furthermore may got to think about healthline the value of putting in ventilation for a few of your appliances.

Expect to spend around 15 percent of your budget on appliances if you’re replacing all of them .


Last but not least, there’s the value of paying people to put in your new kitchen, assuming you’re not getting to roll in the hay yourself.

This is a serious cost and may eat up the maximum amount as 20 percent of your total budget.

Total Kitchen Upgrade Cost

Obviously, you’ll not be require everything listed above, so it’s impossible to offer a completely accurate of what proportion a kitchen upgrade will cost you.

As a ballpark figure, however, expect to pay anything from $10,000 to $25,000 for a mean size kitchen. If you’ve got a bigger or smaller kitchen, you’ll revise that estimate up or down.

Are You Looking to Upgrade Your Kitchen?

If you’re brooding about upgrading your kitchen, then hopefully this breakdown of kitchen upgrade cost could be of some use.

Remember that it’s important to not transcend your means. Create a budget, and stick with it.

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