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Transmigration: Raising the Child of the Male Lead Boss

Obviously, when a male lead is conceiving a child, he can fall ill. He may visit his foster parents with his young son and show the child some affection. A female lead can do the same thing, but she is the one who takes care of the child’s daily needs. She feeds him and helps him with his homework. i am the male leads child

Lexion Sparrow

During the golden age of narcissism, Lexion Sparrow was a name to be reckoned with, but not by his peers. Luckily for Lexion, his sexy wife was not so snooty, and he managed to amuse her and herself with the finer points of life, including some of the finer baubles. During this era, Lexion managed to get his jollies on the ol’d north side of the wall, which is the place to be if you ask me. Fortunately for Lexion, a bit of legwork and a couple of snazzy mates in tow, and they were good to go. In short, Lexion had a great time and no regrets, which is why he is still here today. During the good times, Lexion threw the rs to the tune of a couple of digits, and the lion’s share of the proceeds, er, sorry, he’s the king of the castle, and the sexy one.

Yu Yaoyao

Until now, the female lead of the light novel Transmigration: Raising the Child of the Male Lead Boss (WN) was Yaoyao. Her character has a mysterious aura.

Yaoyao’s character is a descendant of the Ancestral Dragon. She has snow white skin and bright eyes. She is also very reserved. She adores Tun Tun as a family. She also has great interest in Genesis Rune. Her eyes are mysterious.

The male lead fell in love with Yu Yaoyao. When she took medicine, he would take her to the hospital. He was a handsome man. Shen Yichong is also handsome. Besides, he hasn’t had much contact with the class. However, his wife, Ni Yi, also brought her nanny to help him.

Yu Yaoyao’s life is full of drama. She had been a third-rate actress. She didn’t know how to deal with deeper issues. She didn’t know basic psychology. She didn’t even know the basic psychological sufferings of people around the world. She thought that the male lead could help her, but she was wrong.

Shen Yichong has been lying about Yu Yaoyao. He didn’t tell the grandparents when she was born. Apparently, he was worried about her safety. He didn’t tell them that he was giving her a drug.

Despite all the troubles, Shen Yichong still held Yu Yaoyao’s hands. His face was worried. He wanted to pull her arms away. He also wanted to tell her about the drug.



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