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Top Best Places to Travel in Summer Across the World

Summer is almost here! The best time of year for travellers is approaching. Finally, we are going to enjoy the sun and that generates a lot of emotion. With summer the holidays are approaching and it is time for you to take on those enchanting trips that you have been dreaming of all year long.

Where to go this summer? Well, the opportunities and options are plentiful. You could travel all over the world, at least in the tropics and the northern hemisphere, where the sun awaits you to tone our skin. Remember to put on some sunscreen, you don’t want to end up as red as a shrimp. In this article, we’ll help you choose the best of the best. Here are the best places to travel in summer.

Top Best Places to Travel in Summer


When you think of vacations, Spain may be the first destination that comes to mind when it comes to places to travel in summer. Spain is a choice of European travelers, since it has one of the greatest temperatures in the continent. Gorgeous beaches, idyllic islands, and modernist towns that will fill every traveler’s spirit.

Summer is taken very seriously in Spain, with high temperatures, music, parties, wine, beer, tapas and much more. Suggested destinations: Mallorca, Canary Islands, Barcelona.


Southern Europe is without a doubt everyone’s favorite. When we arrive on vacation, we always want to get to the best places to travel in summer. Italy is a European wikipidia jewel with everything from the Tyrrhenian to the Adriatic, and there are only wonders to visit. In addition to the already recognized cultural and historical richness, the Italian summer sun is a very good idea. Take advantage of cities like Venice that will change the way you live your vacation.


We proceed south to the most western point in Europe. As in Spain, the summer is much stronger there. The favorite destination of tourists is the south and it is a magical place. A destination with coasts covered with beautiful beaches, cliffs and caves formed by erosion that make it a unique destination.

New Zeeland

In the southern hemisphere, a getaway to New Zealand looks better than ever. Countries are starting to discuss the idea of “travel bubbles”, so if you’re Australian, this might be a good time to finally explore your neighbor. Later in 2021, when the country’s borders open, New Zealand has plenty of appeal for its secluded getaways where crowds aren’t a problem.


Botswana is one of the African countries least affected by Covid 19, thanks to a rapid response to close borders and impose a nationwide lockdown. Countries that have reduced the spread and behaved successfully would be the first option for travelers who are worried about crossing boundaries but anxious to get away. There are several isolated hostels in the Okavango Delta and Kalahari Desert that give complete board to travelers.


If you are planning to visit Europe and explore off the beaten track, now is a better time than ever to experience Central Europe. Some of the most popular cities like Hallstatt and Salzburg were once crowded with tourists, but now they enjoy an oasis of calm due to all the tourist traffic. The immediate aftermath of Covid-19, when it is safe to travel again, will be the perfect time to experience these once-crowded destinations just for you.

Norfolk Island, Australia

One of Australia’s best-kept secrets is a two-hour flight off the east coast of Sydney. It’s called Norfolk Island. We picked it as one of our top picks for Australia’s best secret islands. It’s all in our minds two years later! This tranquil oasis would be the perfect getaway in 2021, especially for Australians who want to explore closer to home. Please keep in mind that there are flights only on those days of the week and that there is limited accommodation on the island. As a consequence, it is better to schedule your visit ahead of time.



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