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The 4chan Trash Archive Goes Dark

During “maintenance”, Warosu stopped ghostposting, a practice that causes a lot of disk space issues. The majority of these ghostposters are bots. The problem has been so widespread that most boards stopped being archived on March 7th, 2021.

This action resulted in the loss of a lot of content. As a result, many users were unable to post on the site. However, the archivers restored Warosu to some functionality and the board was re-archived. It was also noted that the archivers re-archived all boards except for /cgl/.

The 4chan trash archive is a collection of old threads from the 4chan community. This archive includes flash files related to the culture of the site, and is updated very rarely by staff. Its main purpose is to prevent users from reposting the same flashes over again. Moreover, this archive allows members of the /tg/ board to post images and videos.


If you’ve been following the Moot 4chan trash archive, you’ve probably noticed that he’s a frequent poster. Despite his relatively small presence on the site, he has managed to get his posts to go viral. These posts have caused several forums to be temporarily offline. In response to his posts, some users have decided to dox him and their followers.

The shitposts on /a/ have caused some panic and investigation by users in /g. Fortunately, a user named Seff has been building a system to track down and email shitposters. This investigation has revealed a bit about this user, who goes by his personal nick on the Internet.

Despite these actions, Moot goes nuts again. His title is now “MOOT IS OLEV!” He also messes with CSS and creates a “party mode” on /mu. This is just one of many examples of moot trash. In other examples, /b/ went down because of script kiddies, which led to the site being renamed “O/b/ama”.

Moot is a notorious spammer, causing a large amount of trash on the site. In a case of doxing, a user named Seff sends moot screenshots of emails that reveal his true identity. This made moot think that Seff was a spammer and a shitposter, and he was not forgiven for it. However, it’s possible that he was truly afraid of discovery.


The 4chan trash archive /g/ has gone dark. Its last surviving archive was in May 2022. In an announcement, Warosu explained that the archive had hit disk space problems and needed to be rearchived. Consequently, ghostposting was disabled globally on May 12, 2022.

The archive was originally created by members of the /tg/ subreddit to prevent users from posting the same flashes over. However, it is not maintained by the site’s staff, and is rarely updated. It was created in 2009 by /tg/ members as a way to prevent users from posting the same flashes over again. Unlike the /f/ subreddit, /g/’s archive offers full image support.

This new archive contains a few of the same threads as the /g/ subreddit, but not all of them. There are four copies of a thread with the same number, which means it’s difficult to transfer data to a new site. Thankfully, the majority of the threads have been uploaded to the archive, but a few boards are a week behind in posts.

Since then, 4chan has started enforcing its rules regarding illegal content and doxing. The rules on doxing and private forum raids have been more strict. Some members have even been permanently banned for posting furry art on /b/.


The 4chan trash archive is where you can find the trash of 4chan. It has been around since 2009, but only recently was it updated by the site’s staff. The site’s members created it to prevent users from posting the same flashes over again. Unlike /f/, users cannot post flash files in the archive.

It is important to post quality threads, and keep the threads as clean as possible. This includes posting images. However, the images must be relevant to the topic. This means that you cannot post images of men or women. Also, it is important to refrain from posting template threads or catch-phrases.


The 4chan trash archive /b/ is an unofficial website that hosts trash-related discussions. Many /b/tards, who like to make fun of others, are members of this site. Its recent emergence has led to a wave of hate speech. Recently, it has been attacked by /b/tards, who have been known to impersonate moot and saturate the boards with spamming. Some of them have also been known to troll the media.

Some of these anons also crapflood the Zelda Guide Forums. One of them, Captain Cornflake, has threatened to hack 4chan. After posting on the /b/ trash archive, a large number of Anonymous joined the raid. The next day, the moderators surveyed the carnage, and one offered to give the anons their own board.

However, the /b/ color change had a negative impact on posting rates. Within a week, the site experienced a 10% decrease in posting rates. The change was then disabled. This resulted in a lot of anger from /b/tards who felt that their posts had become useless.

Itoko Otoko

Itoko Otoko, a Japanese blogger, has created a sensation on the 4chan forums by posting a text file about her incestuous encounter with her cousin. The post quickly went viral, and is being hailed as a legendary sticky. Eight hours after being posted, the thread had more than a thousand posts. The post came just days before 4chan is set to go offline due to a lack of funding.

Yotsuba Society

The Yotsuba Society’s 4Chan Archive contains many threads from the /f/ imageboard, as well as from other imageboards like Japanese chanverse and Russian chanverse. It is also the most visited part of the Yotsuba Society website. The archive also includes a history of the collection. The archive was created in 2009 by a group of /tg/ members who wanted to keep low-rated threads out of the /f/ chanverse.

The first major 4chan wiki, Wikichan, held tons of important stories and served as the model for many other 4chan archives. Unfortunately, Wikichan went down several times without recourse. Another wiki that is a good example is 1d4chan, a site that discusses board and tabletop culture. This wiki is also worth mentioning as it saves the full images. Unfortunately, right-click saving doesn’t work for some images.



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