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How to Deliver Great Customer Experiences For Marketplaces: 5 Top Points to Consider.

Customer experience is the main determinant of business success in recent days. Although other factors will also influence your business prosperity, customer experience is vital. You may talk of product quality but it’s good to keep in mind that thousands of product developers are working round the clock to outdo you. If customers don’t like your service delivery, they will opt to do business with your competitors instead.

Losing a single loyal client is a big loss for any business and it might take long before getting such a customer. Worst of it, the dissatisfied customer might decide to review your business on Google, Facebook, or any other third-party review site. A negative review will automatically start killing your company’s reputation. Potential customers who come across the negative reviews will go for other local businesses to avoid the “bad experience.”

To ensure that your customers will love to do business with you, it’s good to think like the customer and not about the customer. Wow! Do you know that it costs almost nothing to deliver a wow experience to your customers? That is it. Delivering an amazing customer experience will see your business receiving zero competition and enjoy the privileges of a monopoly in whichever industry. That is why business owners are adopting the use of multi-vendor marketplace software and other strategies to be able to compete favorably with other businesses.

What makes customers go crazy for your brand or services? It’s the same thing that will make them refer your business to friends, relatives, and colleagues. Of course, there are hundreds of factors that help businesses to deliver amazing customer experiences. However, we have only highlighted the top points to consider if you want to deliver great customer experiences for various marketplaces:

  1. A Personal Touch.

Imagine walking into a restaurant on a chilly morning and the waiter greets you by name and moves on to serve you a cup of black coffee that you’ve always loved. It can be amazing! I suppose it’s this personalization touch that makes you go to the same restaurant again and again.

Customers love personalized online shopping experiences to add to their experiences doing business with you. Brands need to deliver unique experiences to their clients by incorporating the human element even when transacting online.

Allowing customers to create personalized profiles on your eCommerce website enables you to have individualized behavioral and preferences data. For any savvy retailers, personalization will give your business the advantage of getting loyal customers who on the other hand will serve as your brand ambassadors.

  • Easy Checkout.

No one wants to call you and enquire about the checkout process when purchasing your products. If it’s a bit complicated, they will visit other online stores without notice. An alarming  of online shoppers will abandon the cart due to a cumbersome checkout process. A single wrong move will see potential buyers going to your competitors.

To avoid checkout issues, it’s good to display the total cost of all products upfront. The process should be simple and take minimal time. Companies should avoid irrelevant offers and tedious forms that collect personal information. The most important is the payment and delivery details and these can’t “bore” your buyers. Customers will view it as an intrusion into their privacy whenever you ask for a lot of personal information and distracts them from completing the purchase. Customers love to use businesses whose order pages save their shipment and payment information.

  • Accessibility and Responsiveness.

Prompt responses increase customers’ satisfaction. Whenever a customer passes by your shop and makes an inquiry he/she should get answers immediately. Your business’ customer care team should instantly instagram receive calls and reply to emails from customers. Swift response freaks out customers and builds up their trust and confidence in your business. Customers will return to you if they know that you are highly accessible to respond to their issues.

  • Deliver on Promise.

If you want to maintain your customer base and even get more customers, ensure to always  a bit more than you say. If not, give it a minimum of exactly what you promised to deliver. Even though you deliver the product they ordered, you can call the customer to know how much they like the said product. Feedback is a great way of learning your loopholes and making improvements. If your customer is dissatisfied with any aspect, promise to correct it and ensure you do so.

  • Package the Solution.

People love packages that are meant to solve their problems. I mean, they want to know how much you solve their problems through the services you offer. For example, an insurance company “packages” insurance though it’s not a physical good. Even on your order page, related items should appear together in defined categories because the customer may be interested in a complete package.


Customer satisfaction is the first step towards business success. Whenever customers are satisfied with your products or services they will come back again and again. Additionally, they will also refer their friends and relatives to your business. This will see your sales growth and profits multiplying abundantly.

Potential customers will trust individual customer reviews than they would trust your adverts or company marketers. Keep in mind that maintaining customers is hard than getting new ones. New customers could be interested in trying your products. However, if they are dissatisfied with the product or the ordering process, they won’t come again.

Unfortunately, some people assume that customer satisfaction is automatic in any business they run. Delivering the ‘wow’ factor to your customers requires going beyond their expectations. Shoppers are always looking for convenience and therefore “ease” is the word to keep in mind. Whenever you over-deliver in your business, customers will always come back for more.

Selling cheap products can’t guarantee you huge sales or profits. Pricing high-quality products slightly lower than the competitors is only applicable if you are entering a new industry. Later, customers will only consider whether your products satisfy their needs.



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