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9 Digital Technologies That Are Changing the planet

We live during a digital world and are since the turn of the 21st century, yet the emergence of AI (AI) has opened many possibilities and by merging AI with digital technology, we are empowered like never before. to raised understand AI, one must take an in-depth check out machine learning, something that replicates neurons within the brain, with data firing between contact points. Of course, for a machine to find out , it requires parameters; the principles of the sport and more importantly, the thing of the sport.


A UK-based tech company by the name of Deep Mind Technologies, which was subsequently acquired by Google, created a super-computer by the name of Alpha Go. They fed the pc with the parameters of the parlor game Go, the foremost complex within the world, then they fed the pc many thousands of previously played Go games and it began to play against itself, using the knowledge gained from the historical games it ingested.

2. the last word CHALLENGE

In March, 2016, Alpha Go played the 18-time world champion Go player, Mr Lee Sedol during a 5-game challenge and far to everyone’s amazement, Alpha Go beat Lee, 4 games to 1. Alpha Go was constantly being improved and it showed the planet that machine learning is extremely powerful indeed, while machine learning has the potential to revolutionise every aspect of society.


State of the art medical equipment is being installed round the UK by a white glove logistics company, by the name of Rhenus High Tech, and by merging AI with MRI and CT scanners, very accurate diagnosis are often achieved. At the outset, AI will assist doctors and when AI has proved to be effective, more and more control are going to be designated to AI. AI is employed to diagnose X-Ray images and it’s a far better accuracy rate than any doctor, because of the various thousands of images that were fed into the pc , enabling the machine to find out . Click here for stunning news from the sector of AI.


During the pandemic, doctors are offering their patients virtual consultations and, in most cases, the medical professional can gain enough information to form an accurate diagnosis and prescribe effective medication. this is often the simplest thanks to offer medical services during the pandemic because it eliminates human contact, keeping both you and therefore the doctor safe from infection. Using an application like Zoom, the doctor can interact with the patient and therefore the clinic will schedule the web consultation at a convenient time for you.


This has revolutionised the logistics industry and finding an address is not any longer a problem because of apps like Google Maps, which guide us to our destination, while offering alternative routes to avoid traffic jam . Google Maps uses many GPS satellites to work out your location and with AI merging, you’ll expect to ascertain even more developments with GPS tech.
This is another game-changing technology that we are already seeing within the business arena; the longer term is designs by AI and 3D printing, using revolutionary composites like graphene, which is incredibly strong and light-weight . In 2025, you’ll probably walk into a car showroom with no cars, just digital screens and once you choose your model, it’ll be printed in 3D and you’ll drive it home. If you search online, you’ll buy 3D printers and as time passes, they’re going to become larger and more complex, with the power to print complex structures.


As you almost certainly know, the 5G platform offers 10x data transfer speeds and this platform, the web of Things (IoT), will host every single digital device on the earth , all of which can be controlled by AI. Elon Musk has been sending up thousands of low-orbit 5G satellites for a minimum of 2 years, using SpaceX vehicles and therefore the goal is to hide the whole planet in 5G by beaming the frequency right down to land transponders. The IoT are going to be the grid for all city traffic, monitored by AI and pretty soon, driverless cars are going to be the norm. In theory, there’ll be no traffic accidents, because the AI won’t permit any vehicle to urge too on the brink of another; this, however, remains to be seen.
8. ROBOTICS Robotics is yet one more booming sector and when merged with AI, this offers unlimited potential for humanity. To be ready to 3D print a design created by AI really may be a game changer, and that we are already seeing this emerging within the business arena. The factory of the longer term would have around 5 people on site, to manage the AI and therefore the massive bank of robots that make products 24/7, each as perfect because the next.

9. solar energy

Solar panels are around for quite few years, yet the present state of tech means it’s far more efficient in transforming solar rays into usable electricity, while lithium-iron batteries leave high power storage capabilities. within the smart home, AI will control energy use, because it will climate control, security and each digital device within the house. we’d like to prevent burning fossil fuels to get electricity and therefore the clean and renewable energy from the Sun is that the solution and that we are now within the position to form the switch, with many governments offering the homeowner financial incentives to put in solar panels. the newest generation of solar panels are just like clay roof tiles, which suggests people would never know you even have solar panels, plus they will no draw energy even on a cloudy day, making them useful in colder, northern climates.There’s little question that AI will open many doors for humanity and it’ll power many of the emerging technologies which will transform the way we live our lives. Many businesses are now offering virtual services, thanks to the pandemic and most of the people like better to order their groceries online, which eliminates human contact.



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